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Symmetrical Food Art Display

Pure randomness while preparing lunch. Who would have thought the way these potatoes are arranged turn to a symmetrical art? “Turning” the baking tray,...

Yellow and Orange Engender Positivity In Reaching Inner Peace

Stories Behind The Data

Welcoming the Perfect Autumn

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Oftentimes we overlook the ‘truth’ behind the stories. We are in delusional state and found ourselves in paradoxical situation, and these artworks draw upon the above-mentioned situation, in such White represents the ocean of data and information. Connecting lines represent the formations and interrelationships between insights. Colours in the circle of square shapes represent the stories that are crafted or curated which would be acceptable to a majority. The colours beneath the white are the untold stories of many; their suffering, their happiness, their thoughts and actions, their way of lives – the truth.

Stories Behind The Data

Every facet of our lives, we constantly receive various data from all around us, our brains translate these data into


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