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Yin Min Chung emerging artist
A Fortune 500 corporate executive turned self-taught artist, following her passion and influences from her parents in art space. Her late father was an art lecturer and had two solo exhibitions on potteries at his art studio. She has this art related talent from her late father. She had won various prizes during her childhood in art competitions nationally and internationally. Only this couple of years, she had decided to take on her art journey after the corporate position. Started her apartment-studio during the lockdown. With less space, she still makes her artworks, trying to harmonise the tensions from the lockdown and her self-expressions into art. To her, color relates to emotional states of oneself and it is a way to express one’s excitement, fond of subject, or displeasure. Yin Min considers her works contains 3 elements; her sense of colours which is vibrant, intense and strong, subject or objects that resonate her interests, such as evokes from current affairs or cultures; and shapes or patterns that evoke her feelings. She explores themes that calling out colours, shapes and designs which form a unique set of connection and dynamism between the colours and subject matter, capture and translate these excitements through her works.  With experimentation and practices, Yin Min explores various mediums, mixing oil and acrylics, various brush strokes and techniques and oil on canvas is still the main medium for her artworks. Yin Min’s vibrant aesthetic position integrates between impressionism, expressionism and contemporary art.

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