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generative art, food art symmetrical art yellow spontaneous expressive uses autonomous systems or algorithms to randomly generate content

Pure randomness while preparing lunch. Who would have thought the way these potatoes are arranged turn to a symmetrical art? “Turning” the baking tray, left to right, right to left, top and bottom, etc, to my amazement, it is a food play, or food art! Food does tickle our stomachs, it also cultivates our thoughts, ecstasy of wanting, and sensory of smell and touches. The food in art brings out emotions, as well as conversations. My partner and I were debating, yes, they are crispy baked potatoes, but also, they resemble an array of roasted chicken-cut pieces, also look like arms and legs of a yet-to-assemble robots, or patterns that used on the crown. The possibilities are endless. Food art of such provides an attractive subject that sparks endless ideas and encourages community connectedness. Bringing the boundary further with this fun play of the food art, presented in other hues. Now, what do you think about this? What does it remind you?



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